Delivery Time: 1-7 Days


    • Make sure that a Vodafone SIM has been inserted in the phone for at least 30 days.
    • Make sure that your have at least 3 bills, and all of them are up to date and have been paid off.
    • Make sure that your phone is not registered under a business account.
    • Make sure that you agree to the time frame / terms and conditions.

  1. After you place the order, please provide us your phone model, Vodafone phone number & 15-digit IMEI during check out or via eBay message.
    • Please obtain the IMEI from the phone itself, by dialing *#06#, or go to Setting > General > About.
    • If you get your phone second-hand, please do not obtain the IMEI from the phone box / SIM tray, as it could be different from the actual IMEI.
    • Sample message:
      iPhone 6
      Phone number: 07123456789