Delivery Time: 1-6 Hours

ATF Network Account Activation* is meant for standalone SL3 Super Dongle repairing in all BB5 phones and SX4 authorization.

ATF Network Account Activation Features

  • Super Dongle repair for all SL3 phones.
    It allows you to repair SL3 Super Dongle in all BB5 phones via the "Phone Authorization" serviceoffered by the ATF Network. For this procedure FBUS cable is required.
    This unique service allows you to fix Super Dongle problems in all BB5 phones and fully downgrade BB5 phone's firmware version.
  • SX-4 standalone authorization for all SL3 phones.
    Using phone Authorization Service of the ATF Network you can also enjoy standalone SX-4 authorization in all SL3 phones in the market.
    A phone should be authorized only once. Internet connection is required to perform authorization procedure.

    Phone Authorization is a service offered by the ATF network that will give you more repair options for all SL3 phones in the market.
    Once a phone is authorized, Super Dongle repair and SX-4 Authorization can be performed via Standalone Mode.
    Supported phones:
    All BB5 phones are supported (at the moment only FBUS connection supported).

    Please note! Phone Authorization service it is not free. ATF credits are required.
    After you've created ATF Network Account, you can start using network's paid phone authorization service.

    Which phones should be authorized:
    You need to authorize the New BB5 phones which have new hashes that are not supported by other solutions. If a phone has an old hash, you don't need this paid authorization.

*Please provide us with your Advance Turbo Flasher serial number (24 signs) while making an order.